Veeraswamy vegetarian dishes

A wide selection of vegetarian dishes from across India


We offer a small but extremely well balanced and exceptionally appetising vegetarian menu along with many vegetarian accompaniments which complement the whole menu.

The world of vegetables is and has always been an integral, and, in some instances the whole, part of an Indian's diet along with carbohydrates.  So too, in the rest of the world, has the humble vegetable in all its firm, soft and oft far flung format, played an increasingly dominant role in menu make-up and food choice.

We have always placed the same emphasis on vegetarian dishes as meat and fish and to this end our vegetarian dishes are exploding with flavour and exotic ingredients. The Vegetarian Crescent Platter for example, is a silver crescent with four silver bowls filled with exciting and innovative dishes which are inspired by the seasons; Paneer Mirchi Makhani – homemade organic paneer & long peppers in a classical delhi sauce. 

We also have a choice of vegetarian starters as well as tempting side dishes which include a memorable Fresh Pineapple Curry, Bhindi Dopyaza- okra with caramelised onion, Telangana Gobhi Aloo- cauliflower and baby potato tossed with chilli, coconut and curry leaves; Dal Paalak- slow cooked yellow lentils, finished with fresh baby spinach; plus a variety of homespun chutneys. There is also our home-baked naan breads such as Masala Chilli Naan, and always a basket filled with a tantalising selection chosen daily by the chef.