Veeraswamy cuisine

Lobster Malabar Curry


Veeraswamy offers a comprehensive menu of long established classical dishes, delectable comfort food & exotic contemporary creations, all cooked & prepared to the highest standard by skilled regional chefs.

Along with the superb fine classical cuisine, there is also a fabulous selection of dishes from th clay ovens of the North West frontier:  The tandoors.

There are also innovative and exotic seafood dishes, inspired by the many coastal settlements, where 35% of India’s population live. Not only do we create mouth watering seafare we also offer a selection of tantalising vegetarian dishes. As our menus are both seasonal and changeable we do not offer a complete menu online but rather some examples that are frequently requested and highly praised. See examples in our menu highlights.

Our menu of classical dishes is served alongside our personally inspired contemporary creations all prepared by chefs from the region of the dishes origin. Our food is rarely found in the restaurants of India let alone Europe, making us an original Indian gourmet experience, and one that has proven to be, over the many decades, a generational favourite.