Veeraswamy menu highlights

Raj Kachori, one of Veeraswamy's signature dishes. Elevating humble street food into a dish fit for king 


We are constantly adapting our menu according to the time of year, to new trends, and to innovative ideas &  collaborative inspirations. As a result we do not reproduce a fixed menu online, but can reveal a taste of Veeraswamy below:

We are unable to provide our comprehensive menu in advance of the meal, because the selection changes periodically. However, the following sections give a flavour of the menu.

A 3 course meal with wine and service averages £85-£90 per head. Lunch prices are lower – about £55-£60 on a comparable basis.

First courses range in price from £12.00 to £15.00. These include:

  • Raj Kachori – Regal street food, large wheat puri filled with goodies, splashed with chutneys 
  • Tandoori Green Prawn – Wild tiger prawns, coriander, mint & chili
  • Venison Mutta Kebab – Kerala style venison & quail scotch egg with tamarind glaze 
  • Angara Chicken Tikka – Smoked with garam masala & mace
  • Grand Platter to share (for 2-3 people) – Tandoori green prawn, angara chicken tikka, venison mutta kebab
  • Vegetarian Grand Platter to share (for 2-3 people) - Chandni Paneer Tikka, Calcutta Soya Chop, Raj Puri

The splendid main courses range in price from £21.50 to £32. These include:

  • Awadhi Dum ki Machhli – from the royal kitchens of the Nawab of Awadh, fresh seabass fillets marinated with royal cumin and mint, wrapped in banana leaf and baked
  • Roast Duck Vindaloo – Half barbary duck slow roasted with Vindaloo masala
  • Raja of Travancore Prawn Curry – Speciality prawn curry from the kitchen of Raja of Travancore, with coconut & kokum flowers
  • Chicken Makhani – Chicken thigh in a classical delhi sauce, slow cooked caramelised onion & tomato
  • Kashmiri Rogan Josh – A classic favourite and an intensely aromatic lamb curry of small shanks of lamb with saffron and cockscomb flower
  • Patiala Shahi Raan – Lamb shank slow cooked for 6 hours, with marrow sauce 

Vegetarian dishes include a Vegetarian Crescent Platter with different vegetarian dishes, Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) in an onion and tomato sauce, a fine Kofta curry.
Unusual Sides include Fresh Pineapple Curry.

Delectable Desserts are priced at around £9.

These include Almond and Pineapple Halwa Tart, Gulab Jamun and some cosmopolitan choices such as fruit jellies and sugar-free homemade sorbets.

Please note a minumum spend of £35 for lunch and £40 for dinner per person applies at Veeraswamy.